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Perantech GmbH
Engineering and Design for Steel Production Processes and Equipments

Perantech Profile

  • Metal Industry

    Iron Making, Steel and Rolling Mill
  • Production Process Design

    Process Design and Optimizations
  • Design Services

    Plant Design, Equipment Design
  • Environment Protection

    Environmental Facilities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility

Codes of Conducts

The employees of Perantech have jointly developed a Group mission statement. The company mission statement expresses what our Company stands for now and in the future:


Perantech, The Engineering and Supply Company.

Competence and diversity, global reach, and tradition form the basis of our worldwide market leadership. We create value for customers, employees and shareholders.


We Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow with our Customers.

We are customer-focused. We develop innovative products and services that create sustainable infrastructures and promote efficient use of resources.


We Hold Ourselves to the Highest Standards.

We engage as entrepreneurs, with confidence, a passion to perform, and courage, aiming to be best in class. This is based on the dedication and performance of every team member. Employee development is especially important. Employee health and workplace safety have top priority.


We Share Common Values.

We serve the interests of the Group. Our interactions are based on transparency and mutual respect. Integrity, credibility, reliability and consistency define everything we do. Compliance is a must. We are a responsible corporate citizen.

The role of responsible corporate citizen as described in the mission statement also involves making an active commitment to sustainable development, which we support by subscribing to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We are also committed to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the core labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Concrete rules and regulations for individual situations and circumstances in the work environment are clearly formulated in the corresponding Group policies, directives and agreements. These policies, directives and agreements are unconditionally valid and binding for all employees of the Perantech Group. Any employee who fails to comply with the Group policies, directives and agreements must expect corresponding consequences under internal rules and statutory requirements.

On the basis of the above, this Code of Conduct summarizes the main principles and rules governing our actions as well as the standards we set ourselves in our dealings with business partners and stakeholders.


Compliance with the law Compliance with law,

rules and regulations is for us an essential basic principle of responsible business conduct. We adhere to legal prohibitions and requirements at all times, even if this involves short-term business disadvantages or difficulties for the Company or individuals. Where national laws are more restrictive than the rules applying at Perantech, the national laws take precedence.


Avoiding conflicts of interest

At Perantech business decisions are made exclusively in the best interests of the Company. Any conflicts of interest with personal matters or other business or non-business activities, including those of relatives or other related parties should be avoided. Should such conflicts nevertheless occur, they must be resolved in accordance with the law and Group policies. Conflicts must be dealt with openly and transparently.


Fair competition

Our conduct on the markets is based on the compliance commitment issued by the Executive Board of Perantech GmbH: Perantech stands for technological competency, innovation, customer orientation and motivated, responsible employees. These factors are the basis of our high reputation and the longterm economic success of the Group in global competition. Corruption and antitrust violations threaten these success factors and will not be tolerated (zero tolerance). For us, bribes and cartel agreements are not a means of winning business. We would rather forgo a contract and fail to reach internal goals than act against the law. With its Compliance Program, Perantech has taken wideranging measures to ensure compliance with anti-corruption and antitrust regulations and the Group policies based thereon. Infringements will not be tolerated and will result in sanctions against the persons concerned. All Executive board members and managing directors, all senior executives and other employees must be aware of the extraordinary risks which corruption and antitrust violations can signify for Perantech as well as for them personally. All employees are requested to contribute actively in their areas of responsibility in implementing the Perantech Compliance Program.


Preventing money laundering

Perantech fulfills its legal obligations to prevent money laundering and does not participate in money laundering activities. In cases of doubt, all employees are required to report unusual financial transactions, especially those involving cash, which could give grounds to suspect money laundering, to the responsible finance, legal or compliance department for review.



Equal treatment and non-discrimination

A culture of equal opportunities and mutual trust and respect is of great importance to us. We promote equal opportunities and prevent discrimination in the recruitment, promotion, training and development of employees. We treat all employees equally, regardless of gender, age, skin color, culture, ethnic origin, sexual identity, disability, religion or world view.


Human and labor rights

We respect internationally recognized human rights and support their observance. We reject all forms of forced and child labor. We recognize the right of all employees to form unions and employee representative bodies on a democratic basis within the framework of national legislation. The right to appropriate compensation is recognized for all employees. Pay and other benefits shall at least comply with the respective national or local legal standards or the standards in the national economic sectors/ industries and regions.


Cooperation with labor representatives

For Perantechtrusting and close cooperation with employee representatives is a key component and established cornerstone of corporate policy. Mutual trust and cooperative relations are based on an open and constructive dialogue characterized by mutual respect.


Occupational health and safety

The safety and health of our employees are a corporate objective of equal standing with the quality of our products and our commercial success. Occupational safety and health protection are an integral part of all business processes and are included from the outset – starting in the planning phase – in all technical, economic and social considerations. All employees shall promote safety and health in their work environment and comply with the health and safety regulations. All managers are obligated to instruct and support their employees in meeting this responsibility. The same safety standards as for Perantechemployees shall apply to employees of subcontractors. This is taken into account in selecting and working with subcontractors.


Sustainability and protection of environment and climate

For us, sustainability, environmental and climate protection and resource efficiency are key corporate objectives. When developing new products and services and when operating production equipment, we ensure that all environmental and climate impacts are kept to a minimum and our products make a positive contribution to environmental and climate protection for our customers. Every employee bears responsibility for conserving natural resources and helping protect the environment and climate through their individual behavior.



We regard ourselves as an active corporate citizen and demonstrate our commitment in a variety of ways. Donations and other forms of corporate citizenship are carried out solely in the interests of the company. We make no financial contributions, in particular donations or sponsorships, to political parties in our home country or abroad, organizations related or similar to parties, individual office incumbents or candidates for political offices.


Political lobbying

Our political lobbying is centralized, open and transparent. We comply with the legal requirements on lobbying and avoid at all costs unfairly influencing government policy and legislation. We have voluntarily joined the European Union Transparency Register and comply with the European Union Code of Conduct.


Behavior in public and communications

We respect the right to free speech and the protection of personal rights and privacy. All employees should be aware that in their private lives they can also be seen as part and representative of Perantech and are therefore called upon to safeguard the Company‘s standing and reputation in the way they act and conduct themselves in public, above all towards the media. When expressing a personal opinion we take care not to allow our personal opinion to be linked to our function/work in the Perantech Group.